Tulo Fans

As a kid who grew up following the Dolphins and as a man who plays fantasy football, Troy Tulowitzki follows the NFL closely. When Tim Tebow connected for the game-winning touchdown against the Steelers, Tulo texted, “Unreal.”

A breathtaking walkoff win. A playoff run. Tulowitzki lived that dream in 2007. While the state remains fixated on the Broncos, leaving the Rockies as an afterthought, the all-star shortstop doesn’t believe his team will remain a stranger to relevance.

“I don’t think we are that far away at all. I know people will hear me say that and roll their eyes. Of course, you need talent in this game. But what makes the game special is that you don’t need the highest payroll. Some guys play together better and it all comes together,” Tulowitzki said. “You don’t need the best players. You need the best team.”

Tulowitzki will return to Denver this week for the first time this offseason. He will be joined by several teammates to film commercials and attend FanFest, held for season-ticket holders Saturday and for the general public Sunday with the purchase of a ticket. Name tags won’t be required, but there will be several new faces following the trades of Chris Iannetta, Huston Street, Ty Wigginton, Ian Stewart and the uncertain future of Ryan Spilborghs.

“It reminds you that this is a business. It’s crazy how things change so quickly,” Tulowitzki said. “You don’t like to go through it. But we still believe we can win here, and I am not afraid to say that.”

Source: The Denver Post